Responses to Doors of No Return.

I'm so grateful to you for sharing your talent. The photographs are incredible, and even though the subject matter covered the darkest parts of humanity, the exhibit left me with a feeling of hope and pride about the endurance of humanity and the possibility of change for the better. Thank you.

Even after having seen the photos in your book, I was still not fully prepared to feel such strength and the beauty in the photos as they are matted and framed. They are stunning. They are very powerful.

I saw the exibit and the work is fantastic. Each photograph makes me feel as if I am there seeing exactly what you saw. Thank you for bringing this visual to us all.
R. Meyers.

Last week my wife and I saw the exhibit at Philbrook. I'd like to say we were very impressed and thanks for doing that show we enjoyed it so much.
B. Bozarth

Mr. Henderson, Your exhibit at the Philbrook Museum of Art, Doors of No Return, was brought to our attention recently. We'd like to learn more about it and might possibly ask to display your photographs here in St. Louis, at the Old Courthouse. This historic structure is part of the national park that also includes the Gateway Arch. Part of our interpretive mission is to tell the stories of enslaved people who passed through the courthouse in the 19th century, either because they sued for their freedom in court or because they were sold by the probate court at the entrance to the building. We're wondering if an exhibit of your photographs of slave castles might help us fulfill our mission.
Caitlin McQuade Curator of Exhibits Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

We were soooooo impressed by the exhibit. The video exhibit adjacent to the photographic exhibit contributed another dimension. Ken & I both were deeply moved by the history & context communicated by the photos. You are truly gifted!... I think one of the things that really hit me was the isolation, the overwhelming desolation...for anyone to have survived and to stir up hope...what strength & faith! And on the flip side, I just don't know how to even begin to imagine the mindset of the slavetraders - how could something like this ever be justified by Christian men?
K. Winfrey

... the photos were haunting and thought provoking.

I thought your "Doors of No Return" exhibit was first-rate. I wish my Africanist friends from around the world could view it.
T. M. Vestal, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Political Science Oklahoma State University

...I am still without words to describe those wonderful pictures. You talk about a picture telling a story .... you guys did a wonderful job. I have been telling people they need to go see this work. Congratulations, this is more than a gallery of pictures it is a eye opening event to show what we are as a race.


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